Periscope How can this book encourage and warn us? *Take Courage Saint! The Lord will Avenge US! *God is Very Gracious to US! Be Humbled by His Love! *You WILL Reap what YOU SOW! Be GRACIOUS!

God is for His People, so do not mess with them! If YOU DO…… 1. Judgement Comes, 1 - 4 2. Thorough Judgement Comes, 5 - 9 3. Why would Judgement Come? because - What Goes Around - Comes Around, 10 4. Specific Reasons - Hostile Omission, 11 5. Ate Leftovers, 12 - 13 6. Delivered Escapees, 14

Result - NO MORE EDOM!

Jim Masters

Jim grew up in San Jose, CA, and he came to Christ when he was 13 years old. Soon after his conversion, God gave him a desire to ‘preach the Bible’ the way his youth pastor preached. After attending San Jose State University, San Jose Christian College, and then graduating from Grace School of Theology and Ministry with a B.A. in biblical theology, he and his family moved down to Los Angeles where he attended The Master’s Seminary. He graduated with his M.Div and moved to Sedona, AZ January, 2001 to be an assistant pastor at The Master’s Bible Church. Jim came to Cottonwood Bible Church to be the pastor in October, 2006. Jim and his wife Chris have been married since 1992, and they (presently) have eleven children.

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